Swansong Creations is an art and craft enterprise. I founded it at the age of 65 in order to promote a life-long body of work, which I believe is now at its finest.

I married at twenty, divorced and then brought up my two sons and a daughter. I then spent many years as Princip​al of a full-time vocational theatre school in Brighton. I loved this time and some of my children (now grown up), still star in West End shows, theatre productions and television. However, life was busy, full to the brim and there was no time to follow my own dreams……..

In my fifties, I moved lock, stock and a wagon load of smoking barrels to a Greek island, where I enjoyed several years by the water’s edge, painting and selling my work. I was inspired by the bright and vibrant days and the wonderful scenery around me, in particular, the outstanding flora and fauna that surrounded my reclusive shack on the Kampos. I encountered the most beautiful flowers and many, many enchanting animals and birds. I wanted to paint each and every one of them. Quite quickly my followers increased and many customers bought pieces year after year. My art has sold and travelled all over the World, with pieces in New York, Brazil, Australia, all over Europe and of course here in the U.K. I love to work with bold colours, be it in oil paint or acrylics, mosaic tiles or silk and enjoy depicting what I see with vibrancy, life and emotion. I do hope you enjoy my collection as much as I have enjoyed making it.

I now live in Weymouth, Dorset and feel that Swansong Creations is my most important project to date, enabling me to show Society that even in later life, one can still gain inspiration from the beauty close at hand and fly with strength, grace and vitality.