Before leaving England, I undertook some mosaic tuition and absolutely loved working with the bold colours available. I determined to practice and practice hard and before long I was selling my work.....

I have sold many, many mosaics of mine, but unfortunately do not have any good photographs to post here. One of my favourite pieces, a huge daisy on a turquoise background ended up on a friend's garden wall in Greece, but i have pieces in New York, Brazil and London as well.... The mirror which you see above, hangs in a friend's bathroom and she has been one of my greatest supporters. It is hard to keep self confidence levels up without a good support network around you, so I count myself lucky that I have friends and family who believe in me.

Here is another one of my pieces, which, as you can see, still has the masking tape and a cover over the mirror, but now it hangs in a living room in London. I also wrote a little ditty to go with it..... I loved making this piece.

Wherever possible, I try to combine my love of art and bold colour with a love of the written word. I love a good story, or a catchy poem, in fact anything a bit quirky floats my boat and I try to incorporate a whimsical tale into each of my designs. They say that all artists are a bit 'strange' and I guess that is certainly true of me, but I have a definite client group or band of followers and I hope to expand that further now I have my own website and a working facebook page...... (oh I do wish I was technically minded and could make my computer sing for me!) Onwards and upwards, I shall just have to keep practicing, but I do hate it so.

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