Updated: Jul 1, 2018

I thought it would be good to start my blog on a memorable date, so what better than 1st July?

Slowly, slowly Swansong Creations is coming together and from hereon in, I would like to share my progress with you..........

For a long time people have been urging me to create my own brand for my work and market my designs to the general public. Until now, I have not been in the right situation or frame of mind to do it, but about a month ago I finally decided that I should take the plunge.

I believe that almost anyone can do almost anything they want. All that is required is a clear vision of the eventual goal, a LOT of hard work, belief in ones self and unwavering determination.

The last month has seen me walk mile after mile, head in the clouds, mind full of possible ideas and notions. I have excitedly explored avenue after avenue, dismissing dozens of 'great plans', until finally, I hit upon Swansong Creations.

I know the dancework called Swansong, from my days as Principal of a Theatre Arts School and remembered the myth that a swan is supposed to save its best 'song' until last. Now hopefully, I am not about to plunge into the hereafter, but, at my age, I do feel that it is now or never, so to speak!

In Weymouth, my home town, there are many swans that live on the lake that runs parallel to the beach. Naturally, tourists and locals alike visit them daily to feed and admire them. It was during one such visit of mine, that I saw a swan sitting on her nest. Her partner was collecting nest building materials and she was carefully building them around herself. It was obvious that she was sitting on some eggs, patiently waiting for her babies to be born. Throughout the next couple of weeks, I visited her daily - she did not move. She was busy, keeping her eggs at the right temperature and taking care that no harm would come to them.

How perfect, I thought. I designed a logo from a photograph that I took of Mrs. Swan. The name came easily to mind. I chose a font called Matisse for the writing on my logo and blue as a colour, to signify water and cloudless skies.

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