Obviously, I would like you to get pleasure out of seeing my work. I would like you to enjoy the bold use of colour and appreciate the subject matter, to smile at the animals and appreciate the flowers, to admire the designs and look forward to more designs being added. With all of this in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to share with you a little about myself. Who I am. What makes me tick. Where life has taken me and where I hope to go......

I was a strange child, very shy and scared of my own shadow. I grew up in the country and my best friend was my adorable boxer dog. I spent hours in my parents enormous garden in Kent, mostly climbing trees, admiring the flowers (which our gardener used to enrage about), and inventing my own World of imaginary. I avidly fished for stickle backs in our village stream and frequented the local sheep farm, befriending the farmer and his wife, who used to let me help occasionally with the baby lambs. I was a magnet for mud, especially when wearing the best clothes that my Mother often used to dress me in and I was hopeless at following the rules - I loved to live outside the box and I wallowed in running free...... my poor parents tore their hair out. School was a chore, even though it was a lovely little private school for girls. It was steeped in rules. You must do this, must not do that, wear this, behave like that and above all girls, behave like a lady. I think not. Not this girl, anyway!!

Much to my Father's dismay, as a teenager I turned into a would be hippie. Now these were the people I could admire. Love everyone! Be free! Embrace individuality! Wear outrageous clothes, the more colourful the better! Peace man! Yes, yes, yes! My days were divided between caring for my horses and drawing and painting. I loved to admire the flora and fauna that surrounded me and reproduce what I saw, in my own way. I desperately wanted to go to art school, or train to be a riding instructor. The parents threw their hands up in horror. " Get a proper job", they said!!

I married young, had my children and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of their childhood - often forgetting that I was the adult and supposed to be setting an example. Their childhood wasn't perfect, but I hope I taught my beautiful brood to respect the World around them and enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature whilst they had freedom to find themselves and explore. My youngest son inherited my love of music and became a talented dancer, which led us both to the most wonderful full time, vocational ballet school in Devon.

My son flourished at his school and eventually became a professional dancer. I loved the environment so much that I remained, working my way through various roles until the school finally became my own. I spent many, many enjoyable years surrounded by boys and girls, dance supports, tutus, ballet mistresses, tantrums - oh and yes, unfortunately, we had to find time for academic lessons as well. Rules again, but lessons must be learned - I think most of my children would tell you that I tried my hardest to make their school years memorable, magical and marvelous. I am still in contact with many of them and we chat over those days gone by with laughter and tears....

to be continued........

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