Thanks to my next door neighbour, who has the patience of a Saint, my website is now live and here for all to see and place orders on. I think Bev, said long suffering neighbour, and I nearly went mad, trying to get the site functioning properly, and, although it is only very basic at the moment, I hope it is sufficient for you all to see what I have to offer and order anything that you want and pay for it. I would be very grateful for any feedback you have to share, if you manage to place an order. Obviously, I won't know until someone takes the plunge.......so that is the news on the website.

The next exciting development is that my Brand of Swansong Creations has been bought in by several shops here in Weymouth. This is amazingly brilliant as far as I am concerned. It didn't happen by magic though, I had to don my smartest pair of shorts (it was too darned hot for trousers), and my business like but arty, pin striped, smock shirt, and tramp the streets of Weymouth. First, I gathered contact names by cold calling, then, I took the plunge and made appointments with individual Store Buyers and finally, I went, designs and cap in hand, to try my luck. It was scary for an old duck like me, but I puffed out my chest and paddled forth. My Greetings Cards are now stocked in Joy's Cabin, Preston Road, Weymouth, The Blue Iris Gallery, East Street, Weymouth, The St. Alban Street Gallery, Weymouth and Weymouth Main Post Office. Needless to say, I am delighted.

Obviously with all the running about as outlined above, I haven't had much time for painting, but I have managed to finish one more design, which will be going to the printers tomorrow for me to proof.............if I like it, it will be put on the production line - if not, it will be scrapped and I will start again. Watch this space for news!

I would love to gather a few followers on here and welcome your contributions...

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