Meet Alf. His owners fell in love with him when they visited the R.S.P.C.A.  They went with the intention of short term fostering a dog BUT when they arrived they met this cheeky boy, who, although extremely under weight, showed real personality, refused to be ignored and stole their hearts.

Alf has already had many exciting adventures with his new owners.  His first ‘trick’ was to steel a whole packet of rhubarb and custard sugar free sweets.  These produced very unpleasant results and Alf has decided not to steel sweets again, (not sugar free ones anyway), but concentrates on other more tasty pickings.  He can open any door, so the fridge is never safe where he is concerned and most recently, he even managed to lock his new family out of their own house!!

Sharing your home with a Lurcher can be challenging at times, but Alf’s owners tell me they wouldn’t change him for the World – with a cheeky grin like his, who could blame them?