This little chap was inspired by one of the best summers we have had in this country for many, many years. 

Living by the sea as I do, I walk to the water nearly every day and at the beach are a wonderful group of donkeys.  They appear to be very well looked after andare always sheltered from the heat of the sun.  They have constant clean drinking water and generously re-filled hay nets and, as far as I can tell, are not made to carry more than is viable for their size.  Needless to say, they are incredibly popular with holiday makers, who love to watch their antics and to pay for a ride…..

Donkeys are wonderfully versatile, intelligent and eager but are sometimes known for their determination and stubbornness.  It is said that a donkey will always listen to its instincts and if sensing danger will refuse to move.  Throughout history man has chosen the humble donkey for its strength and loyalty – asking him to carry royalty at best and impossibly heavy loads at worst. It is sad to hear of Man’s cruelty at times… However, MY LITTLE DONKEY is purely representative of long and balmy summer days spent relaxing under a cloudless, blue sky with the sounds of the shore to be heard and the scent of the sea, mingling with candy floss and ice cream…

I do hope that you like him and that he will make you smile.