SNOWDROPS represents winter in the Four Seasons collection and completes the set, but it also marks a new page.  IT IS THE FIRST OF MY GREETINGS CARD DESIGNS TO BE PRODUCED AS A STORY CARD.  It has its own little story printed on the back of each card, so that the purchaser of the card and its recipient can share with me the origins of the design.  I do hope you like the idea.....

The 'story' printed on the back of the card is as follows:- 



This painting is the fourth in a series of four paintings entitled THE FOUR SEASONS.  It represents Winter in the series.

Winter can sometimes be so bleak, with little growing in the gardens or hedgerows to brighten up a chilly day.  It always fills me with delight when I see the first snowdrops appear.  They bravely raise their heads above a blanket of cold, dark earth or sometimes even manage to peep through a carpet of snow.

I photographed these little beauties along the Rodwell trail in early January, on a bitterly cold and windy day.  All around them was still fast asleep, not daring to stir, but they proudly danced and curtsied to their audience of one.  Me.  I thanked them for their performance, before hurrying forward on my wintery walk.

I have tried to express the boldness of this wintery wonder in contrast to all that surrounds it and hope that it will cheer you., whatever the weather or time of year…………….